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The Elljay Fairy

Reach Out and Touch Free

Your Own Personal Fairy, Reach Out and Touch Free
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LJ Fairy : \Ell"Jay Fair"y\, a. 1. One who provides paid account goodness for another LJer.

General Overview of How This Works

Each week for 4 weeks during the month, the moderators will post a set of 10 music clips. The clips will be anywhere from 3 to 10 seconds long and will generally be taken from song intros, bridges, and codas(?). Occasionally, we may use a clip containing lyrics, but as those are generally much easier to identify, they will be rare except for the bonus section.

After the clips have been posted, members will submit their answers/guesses in order to earn points. The member who has accumulated the most points at the end of the month will earn paid time on lj.

Prize Options

1. 2 months paid account
2. 2 to 6 months extra user pics
3. Winner may opt out of receiving prize in order to use as gift for friend or may forfeit prize to next highest scoring member.*

There is also a tentative plan to award cumulative and trooper awards every 6 months, but this is nowhere near final.

Members with perfect scores will receive 2 months of paid time & extra icons.
*Members who opt to use their prize as a gift may be eligible to receive some sort of a prize, because around here, we love generous people. This is still tentative, though.

Concerning current paid members: you are welcome to play but our main purpose is to provide for those who don’t have paid accounts. Depending on your current paid status, you may not be eligible for paid time but you still qualify for extra user pics or music prizes.

The full rules can be found here. Please read before you begin to participate.

This community is in beta-mode for the moment, so we are only accepting a few members. We will make it an open community when things are running smoothly.